Le menu du restaurant

Fresh, Locally-sourced Produce.

We like to support local farmers, producers and businesses. Daily trips to the market in the old town provide us with seasonal ingredients and also inspire our cuisine. We know that’s how to get that home-grown fresh goodness into our kitchen. It also encourages the local economy, and we’ve made some nice friends along the way.

A Match Made for Tastebuds.
Our recipes are crafted with simplicity in mind to bring out the many subtleties of their ingredients for you to enjoy throughout your meal. Each dish is carefully paired with an oil that complements its taste and adds a unique highlight for your palate. We rarely cook with olive-oil, as the aromas literally go up in smoke! Added afterwards, the oils not only keep their flavour but also all the healthy goodness they are known for.

Sampling Our Oils.
Once you have tasted our oils with their dishes, we know they have said it all to you with much less words than we could have. You can, of course, also sample the oils outside of mealtimes before you commit yourself. Our confidence in their quality is unshakable. Bottles are available on site, and if you run out sooner than expected, our online shop will satisfy all of your needs from abroad. This is what Oliviera is all about!