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Aubergine Oliviera

The Bouteillan, with its aroma of freshly-cut grass, has a banana-like fruitiness with complements this dish so well that their association has become one of our signature dishes.

Olive Oil 
Without the Bouteillan, a variety of olive oil specific to Provence, this dish would be almost boring!

Ingredients (for 6 generous portions)
5 aubergines
100 g fresh goat’s cheese
1 greek yoghurt
Lemon juice
Fleur de sel

Grill aubergines whole, under the grill setting in your over (or ideally on a summer barbecue) until they are soft to the touch.
Peel them and finely chop the flesh between two knives. Avoid using a blender.
Mix-in the goat’s cheese, yoghurt, crushed garlic and the salt.

Serve with slices of grilled red peppers topped with a touch of crushed garlic, and add generous amounts of Bouteillan of course!