For the past 18 years, since the creation of on the 1st of January 2000 (Yes, with the new millennium!) we have elated you with our olive oils and dishes, and you have retaliated by making us your favorite restaurant and olive oil supplier in Nice and beyond.

But we have to move forward as maturity means advancing, otherwise it’s looked upon as a retreat. And we do not like retreats.

So, we are focusing on remaining the best supplier of olive oils from France, and soon from all the world. We will soon introduce prime oils from all over our beautiful Mediterranean. Slowly, but steadily. Italy, Palestine, Greece, Lebanon, Tunisia and more. I can hear now shouts of «Oh No! Where shall we wine and dine now that he’s gone?» Well, calm down. Cool, man, as I would have once said.

We are maturing, I said, and not closing down…

Oliviera restaurant will serve you lunch every day (except our non-negotiable Sundays and Mondays), and for longer hours (from 12 to 3pm) and with the same quality you have enjoyed since 18 years or so. We shall offer the usual fare of excellent salads, pastas and vegetables, but reducing the meat section to a couple of dishes. (maturing forward, I call it!)

I heard your sigh of relief!! thank you for it. So, hold my hand and lead me in this transitory period, and I promise you will not be disappointed.

Just watch and see, and taste, and enjoy…