• Salad, Vegetables and Cheeses

    • Artichaut au Parmesan

      Artichaut au Parmesan

      Artichoke ; the prickly one, very young
      Parmigiano ; 24 months old
      Olive oil : Haute Provence

    • Aubergine Oliviera

      Aubergine Oliviera

      The Aubergine is grilled whole, and the pulp mixed with sweet goat cheese, yoghurt, lemon garlic, and always served with the

    • Avocat Loco

      Avocat Loco

      The anti-guacamole
      coriandre, cerfeuil, garlic, chives, lemon, piment, salt, pepper
      served on a slice of granny smith apple
      Huile : AOP Aix-en-Provence

    • Courgettes en Fleurs

      Courgettes en Fleurs

      The flower of a "courgette trompette", stuffed with 7 different diced and separately hardly cooked vegetables. The vegetarian and vegan dream!
      Oil ; Bouteillan

    • Dolmas de Gravadlax

      Dolmas de Gravadlax

      Gravadlax de Saumon, un hachis de coriandre, cerfeuil, cébette, citron, roulé dans une belle feuille de blette blanchie

    • Feuilleté Crétois

      Feuilleté Crétois

      Dans la feuille de brique :
      Feta, cébette et persil hachés

    • Mozzarella


      Summer makes the tomato
      The tomato makes the mozzarella
      The Bufala, of course
      AOP Vallée des Baux

    • Salade Charlie

      Salade Charlie

    • Pasta

    • Lasagne au Potiron

      Lasagne au Potiron

      Ricotta, swiss chards, pumpkin and caramelised onions, cramberries, and load of delicious goodies in this lasagna

    • Lasagne aux Courgettes

      Lasagne aux Courgettes

      Never without the Nice "courgette trompette" ! Crisply cooked, slightly onioned, the rest is your's...
      Olive oil : AOP Provence

    • Tagliatelle Verde al Pesto

      Tagliatelle Verde al Pesto

    • Meat and Vegetables

    • Ablama et Stoemp

      Ablama et Stoemp

      Ablama : Small zuchinis stuffed with minced lamb, onions, garlic and pine nuts, add Palestinian spices and grill in a tomato sauce.
      Stoemp : grossly mashed purée of potatoes, carrots, leeks, turnips...
      Olive oil : Fruité Noir

    • Lapin sur Pâtes

      Lapin sur Pâtes

      Rabbit, boned, a soup with the bones
      Cooked with carrots, leaks, courgettes in its own soup and served with papardelli
      AOC Nice

    • Ratatouille


      A thousand and one recipes of Ratatouille. Main ingredients : Bell pepper, tomato, onion, aubergine, courgette, garlic, thyme, bayleaf. We also like carrot, leeks...
      Topped with the green fruitiness of AOP Haute Provence

    • Raviolis Niçois aux Cèpes

      Raviolis Niçois aux Cèpes

    • Saucisses, Lentilles du Puy

      Saucisses, Lentilles du Puy

      Vert and Noir

    • Tartare Méditerranée

      Tartare Méditerranée

    • Dessert

    • Brousse et Marmelade d'Agrumes

      Brousse et Marmelade d'Agrumes

    • Crumble de Pommes

    • Feta et Figues

      Feta et Figues

      Dessert (In-Store Only)

    • Tarte au Citron

      Tarte au Citron

      Dessert (In-store Only)

    • Tiramisu


      Dessert (In-Store Only)