Oliviera is about - Hand-picked oils and home made food

Our olive oils are sampled every new crop
among dozens of small producers and
from all corners of the French Mediterranean coast.

The 2020 Crop Has Arrived!

We’ve traveled around Provence
to bring you the best of French oil.
The 2020 crops were small
only 6 origins are still available

Handpicked Olive Oils from France


The same hand-picked French olive oils
that we serve in our restaurant.
Packaged and shipped around the world.


Our Restaurant in Nice, France

Rated as one of the best restaurants in Nice.
Every dish is homemade and paired with our French olive oils
” Garden Kitchen”, as described by Alain Ducasse in his book

Our 2020 olive oil crop is on sale now

You are welcome to come taste them in our restaurant/shop in Nice or order online. A sample will be offered to you in November when you lunch at our restaurant.

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