As the plague skipped the Flower of Zucchini, then here’s an excellent alternative which I must share with you. It will elate all type of diets, vegan, vegetarian and the rest.

– Chose large Swiss chard leaves. In Nice we have a variety without thick stems. Blanch them for a few minutes, then drain immediately and soak in cold water.
– Chop any type of season vegetable in small cubes as seen above, (not more than three needed), which you can vary depending on your mood. Fry separately in a drop of olive oil, keeping their crunchy feel. 
– Cook some basmati rice (from Himalaya of course) adding a bit of saffron (from Iran of course).
– Finely  chop parsley, mint, chive. A touch of chili?
I also like adding some grossly crushed chick peas and chopped pealed tomatoes in season.

Place the chard on a flat surface, remove the stalk, and place the vegetables in a row middle of the leaf, top with the herb mix, salt, pepper to taste, and roll, (dare I say like a sushi) squeezing lightly. Dress on a mesclun salad

Sprinkle with Frantoio* olive oil and a small squeeze of lemon.

*The Frantoio, whose origin is Tuscany, has a beautiful “almond and hazelnut” fruitiness that will ravish the connoisseurs!