Pork or Beef Cheeks, Braising Beef, Chuck Steak, all these meats lend themselves very well to this typically Niçoise recipe. I highly recommend cheeks, unrivaled in tenderness and melting texture. Mironton, beef stew, goulash, Stroganoff, Wellington…there is no country or region that does not have this meat cooked, rather simmered for hours, and each mom has her own recipe and little secrets. I also have my own that I will reveal later.

They are multiple and varied, depending on the region, tradition, and above all Mamma. Here are mine, in order of appearance and cooking:

– Pork cheeks
– Salt and pepper
– Onions
– Leeks
– White wine
– Red wine
– Tomato coulis
– Garlic
– Carrots
– Bay leaves
– Cloves
– Thyme
– Chili pepper
– Zest of Orange or Mandarin